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Feature-rich driver updater for both your devices and game components
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Without leaving behind its before-its-time stylish interface, the new version of Driver Booster is an improvement over nearly everything else. It not only offers you a fast and reliable way of updating all your system’s drivers, but also a larger driver database with more than 400,000 entries, more strict security controls on the drivers you download, an optimized download engine for faster speeds, and an enhanced Rescue Center to manage your backups and restore points, among other highlights.

The program’s growing database (double those in the previous 3.5 version) guarantees that regardless of which device and game drivers you may have installed on your computer, Driver Booster will be able not only to identify them, but also to locate newer versions (when necessary), download them in a breeze, and update them right away. Its stunning interface will guide – in a wizard-like fashion – through the driver update process. The program will scan your system thoroughly and will provide you with a list of all the outdated drivers on your PC. By default, the program will update all outdated drivers as soon as you click on the “Update Now” button, though you can first uncheck those you wish to keep untouched. If you wish, you can also see a comprehensive list of all the up-to-date drivers installed on your computer, complete with their installation date and other technical details. You can also back up your updated drivers via the Rescue Center, restore them when needed, and even restore your entire system using any of the restore points saved. In this new version, you can create and remove your own restore points manually whenever you see fit.

Driver Booster comes with a useful toolbox, now with six interesting functions. Here you can fix various malfunctions, such as the “No Sound error”, a network failure, any device error you may encounter, and bad screen resolution problems. Besides, you can also learn here useful information about your computer and clean any unplugged devices.

This new version of Driver Booster has increased the security and reliability of the more than 400,000 drivers in its database, so that besides passing the WHQL test, they are thoroughly tested by a driver testing team. Both the download and installation engines have also been improved to achieve both faster speeds and more reliable update processes. All in all, Driver Booster 4 has managed to make an already great tool better. Its comprehensive functionality, its processing speed, and its stylish interface make it stand out amongst its many competitors.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Stylish and functional interface
  • Fast scan processes
  • Enlarged drivers database
  • Driver backup and restore
  • Safer driver test
  • Fast download engine


  • No drawbacks found during the review
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